Morgan Le Corre Juratic

Morgan Le Corre Juratic

Post-doctoral Researcher in Political Science

Aarhus University

Welcome to my page! I am a Post-doctoral researcher at Aarhus University in Denmark and was previously a PhD researcher in Political Science at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. My research interests include party competition, political behaviour, and attitudes towards democratic institutions.

In my dissertation, I studied the consequences of party polarization in European multiparty systems for citizens’ political behavior and citizens' relationship toward parties. My thesis assesses the effect of party polarization on electoral participation, and whether this electoral mobilization is concentrated among (affectively polarized) partisans or a broader range of voters.

As part of the DEMNORM project, my current research focuses on challenges to democracy and, in particular, on the role of elites in shifting democratic norms.

In general, I have a keen interest in research methods and I am specialized in mixed-methods designs. In my research, I use advanced quantitative methods such as multilevel modeling and experimental designs, and gained expertise in qualitative analysis using focus groups data.

You can download my CV here.

  • Party Competition
  • Political Behavior
  • Democracy
  • Mixed-Methods Design
  • PhD in Political Sciences, 2023

    European University Institute

  • Master of Research, 2019

    European University Institute

  • Master in European Studies - Research Specialization, 2018

    Sciences Po Grenoble

Publications & Working Papers


DEMNORM: The Role of Elites in Shifting Democratic Social Norms
Aarhus University
Sep 2022 – Present Denmark
Project DEMNORM coordinated by Prof. Daniel Bischof. This part of the project aims to determine whether elites shifted democratic social norms across established democracies in the past 10 years, using a computational text analysis approach.
European University Institute
Fragmented Party Offer, Vote Choice and Attitude Change : a Study on Right-wing Voters in the 2022 French Presidential Elections
European University Institute
Apr 2022 – Present France

Project coordinated with Álvaro Canalejo Molero (EUI). This project aims to assess the effect of (radical right) new party entry on :

  • Voting Behaviour
  • Satisfaction with Democracy
  • Affective Polarization
European University Institute
PhD Thesis - Party Polarization and Citizens’ Electoral (de)Mobilization in European Multiparty Systems : The Role of Fear and Indifference as Political Reactions
European University Institute
Sep 2018 – Feb 2023 Florence - Italy
The Politicization of the European Union : From Processes to Consequences
May 2020 – Jan 2023
Co-Editor of an edited volume on the consequences of EU Politicization with Anne-Marie Houde, Thomas Laloux, Heidi Mercenier, Damien Pennetreau and Alban Versailles

Teaching Experiences

Political Institutions
Teaching Instructor. Lecturers: Daniel Bischof, Clara Neupert-Wentz, Daniel Finke. BA students, two classes - 30 students.
Political Institutions
Teaching Instructor. Lecturers: Mathias Tromborg, Clara Neupert-Wentz, Daniel Finke. BA students, two classes - 30 students.
Focus Groups - From Qualitative Data Generation to Analysis
Teaching Assistant. University of Bamberg, Germany. Lecturer : Virginie Van Ingelgom