Chapitre 6 - Euroscepticisme, ambivalence, indifférence ? L'Europe est-elle condamnée à être illisible aux yeux des citoyens ?

Sauver l’Europe ? Elections, citoyens et gouvernance européenne par gros temps (Persico S. et Saurugger S. eds.)


Chapter 6 “Euroscepticism, ambivalence and indifference. Is the EU condemned to be unintelligible to citizens?” in Saving Europe? Elections, citizens and European governance under turmoil (Persico and Saurugger eds.). Following the 2014 European Elections, Bruno Cautrès (2014) questioned the thesis of an ever increasing citizen disenchantment towards the EU. In the line of this argument, this chapter sheds light on the plurality of citizens' attitudes to go beyond the simplistic thesis of growing Euroscepticism. This chapter presents a more nuanced picture of citizens' attitudes towards Europe. In particular, following the politicization of European questions, citizens' relationship towards the EU became more ambivalent.

Paris: Dalloz
Morgan Le Corre Juratic
Morgan Le Corre Juratic
Post-doctoral Researcher in Political Science

My research interests include party politics, political behaviour, political psychology and democracy.